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Vocational training

1. International Mediterranean Academy

2. Lions Gate Carrer College

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International Mediterranean Academy

Mini-MBA+ intensive Englishq

Course duration: 4 weeks
Language of instruction: English
Minimum level of English required: Intermediate

This intensive programme is designed to provide basic tools and help them to advance their competence to analyze the fast pacing business world and business culture.

At the end of the course, the level of English of the candidates is expected to reach to a level where international business meetings can easily be handled.

Weekend mini-MBA

Course duration: 4 weekends
Language of instruction: English
Minimum level of English level required: Intermediate

This course is designed for candidates who seek personal development in the areas of: Business World, Management, International Trade, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Talent Management and Entrepreneurship.

As well as studying the above areas with an interdisciplinary approach, the participants have the opportunity of concentrating on one of those subjects.

International relations+ intensive Englishim1-

Course duration: 4 weeksLanguage of instruction: English
Minimum level of English required: Intermediate

During the weekdays, 6 hours of intensive English language classes integrated with IR&Politics are taken daily.

International Relations is the study of an international system composed of nation states which acknowledge no superior authority over matters which they consider of vital interest. The programme starts from the rise of the independent nation states. The early stages of diplomacy, decolonization and "the cold war" period will be studied. The international institutions and conflict resolution are the other areas to be focused on.
International Relations analyses the rules and forces governing the behaviour of states, the factors that lead to conflict or co-operation between nation states. Contemporary IR theory is focused on below problems:
  • How to create viable strategies for a rapidly Changing World
  • What are the strategic trends, pressures and the flashpoints that might surprise us in the "risk society" of 21st century.
  • How can we make more reliable assessments in this pace of of radical change in world politics.
  • What are the new tools of strategy? How can we re-define intelligence, diplomacy, influence, negotiations, sanctions and deterrence.
  • How can we face with the future? New approaches to risk assessment and contingency planning, war games, crisis management, development of credible and robust strategies for the future.

Basic computer programming+ intensive English

Course duration: 4 weeks
Language of instruction: English
Minimum level of English required: Intermediate

Students will master basic procedural programming constructs. They will learn to write and debug small programs using a full range of procedural techniques and a variety of input sources and output destinations. Students will also learn the design principles that are relevant to this style of ' programming in the small', including decomposition, information hiding, elimination of redundant items, detailed documentation and use of parameters and return values to create flexible components.

Advanced computer programming+ intensive English

Course duration: 4 weeksLanguage of Instruction: English
Minimum level of English required: Intermediate

This course presents an advanced view of computer programming, using mainly Java and C++. The use of current operating systems (e.g. Linux and Unix) and compilers will also be presented. Object oriented programming will also be discussed in detail. This is quite different to functional or procedural programming, and is difficult to learn without expert guidance. A comparison of programs like Java and C++ will also be discussed. Hands on programming will form a key part of the course.

Media-web design+ intensive Englishim-

Course duration: 4 weeks
Language of instruction: English
Minimum level of English required: Intermediate

This programme concentrates on the knowledge and ability to create attractive, interactive and well designed web sites. Students take 6 hours English classes per day intensively. Students are expected to balance technical and artistic skills to create web pages that are conceptually interesting, easily navigable, aesthetically appealing and functional. Students will learn the basic techniques, tools and processes used to accomplish these goals and keep in mind ''User Friendly'' access to the sites. The classes will follow the same format as Computer Programming courses with workshops and lectures with specific content to accomplish the goals of media design students.

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Lions Gate Carrer College
In partnership with American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA)

Two-Year Hospitality Management Diploma Program

The LGCC's Program has been uniquely designed for international high school and university students who are interested in:

  • Career development in the fast-growing hospitality industry
  • Leading-edge hospitality instruction brought by highly qualified industry professionals
  • Valuable skills and work experience acquisition in hospitality management
  • Earning salary during the internship component of the program
  • Significant improvement of general, business and industry-related English practice
  • Intensive cultural experience of living, studying and working in Vancouver, one of the best cities in the world.

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  • Программы подготовки к поступлению в ВУЗы США
    Программы подготовки к поступлению в ВУЗы США

    Программа подготовки к поступлению в ВУЗ-ы США UniStudy состоит в партнерстве с более чем 50 колледжами и университетами по всему США. Координаторы школ TALK помогают в выборе учебного заведения, а также с регистрацией на программы Бакалаврат, Магистратура, Дипломные программы. И, самое главное, Вы получаете скидку на обучение, проживание и питание до 60% на все годы обучения. Минимальная стоимость в год составит 13.000 USD.

  • Рождественский подарок на обучение английскому языку в любом кампусе KINGS Colleges!
    Рождественский подарок на обучение английскому языку в любом кампусе KINGS Colleges!

    Подготовка к Рождеству в самом разгаре, открываются рождественские ярмарки, улицы празднично освещены, магазины соревнуются в оригинальности витрин и ждут своих посетителей!

    Дарим Вам к Рождеству 20% скидку на стоимость обучения на любом языковом курсе для взрослых от Kings Colleges в Великобритании и США

  • -30 % на курсы академической подготовки к поступлению в ВУЗы США и Канады

    Планируете поступать в ВУЗы Канады или США? Тогда это предложение интересно Вам! Курс академического английского языка в Торонто, Ванкувере, Сан Диего с прямым зачислением в ВУЗы без сдачи IELTS или TOEFL со скидкой 30%

  • Новогодние каникулы в Нью-Йорке для юниоров

    Подарите Вашем ребенку незабываемое путешествие в сказку – Новый год в Нью-Йорке! Новогодние праздники, атмосфера веселья и счастья, увлекательные экскурсии и насыщенная развлекательная программа, а также занятия английского – все это ожидает студентов на зимней языковой программе в Нью-Йорке.

  • Практический воркшоп «Весь мир образования за рубежом за один день»

    Уважаемые друзья и партнеры! Рады сообщить вам, что 2 декабря 2017 проводится практический воркшоп, во время которого Вы сможете лично пообщаться с представителями учебных заведений и задать все интересующие Вас вопросы, получить актуальную информацию от первых лиц, получить индивидуальную иммиграционную консультацию