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Main life moments in English

We all have the possibility to learn English – but! Lots of reason which stop us. Let's have a look at them, as at the "for" and "against" facts.

The first and widespread phrase - "I do not need English now, when I need it – I'll learn it".

You are right – if you learn in a Russian or Ukrainian speaking country, study in a Russian or Ukrainian school and believe that our educational system ideal or close to it and you know at least - "My name is... and London is the capital of Great Britain" - it is enough.

We can make ourselves sure we'll live constantly in one country and forget about the world's freedom. Many people start learning foreign language only after feeling themselves helpless abroad. As soon as you learn the basis of English you will get a chance to use it in your life. Remember – to learn any language you need more than 2 weeks! Only being in a native speaking area you can learn it faster – but it needs time!

Another reason: "I wasn't tought in a school and university, that means I have no talent to learn languages".

Yes. Psychologists determine such type of intelligence as – linguistic type. It is our ability to learn languages and to communicate not only foreign languages.

In ordinary schools and universities there is no such opportunity to provide an individual approach. There are at least 12 students in each group – in means that from 60 min – only 5 minutes are yours!
And, besides, all the intelligence types can be developed during whole our life.

Next reason: "The price for courses is too high and I have no time".

Considering our economics in a crises time the level of wealth and medium salary we count money before spending them.

Investment in our future has the most value!
Paying a certain sum now we gain ourselves the guarantee for the future steps in our career. And we have not enough time for everything which doesn't motivate us. Even if we have business trips we can get the distance language learning service.

The hardest fight is a fight with ourselves...